President Biden Paying Migrants?

  • Hour 1 of 4-15-21
  • President Biden is setting up a commission to pack the Supreme Court. Democrats are upset about the conservative lean on the court and want it to tilt the other way. But this would surely do grave damage to the future of the Supreme Court and as some Republicans argue, people would lose trust in it. Hear audio from conservatives like Bill Bennett and why they stand against this idea.
  • President Biden is considering the idea of having migrants paid to stay home. Migrants who want to come up from Central America may be given money instead of being allowed in, if this were to go through. But how should we handle this immigration issue? How should Catholics stand on it? It’s a tough issue and very nuanced; Fr. Thomas Betz dives into it.
  • Two years ago, we saw Notre Dame Cathedral in France burn down. It was heartbreaking to see such a staple of Catholicism lose its architecture. So now, a few years later, where are we now? Have improvements been made? Hear from Michel Picaud.
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