Religious Freedom/Confusion in this age

  • Hour 3 of 4-30-21
  • Ken Starr is concerned that religious freedom is being thrown out the window in the US. He has fears about the Equality Act being passed which would cause many problems in the Church. Also, he says there is much we can learn from this past year, in which churches were unjustly treated by government officials. Nonetheless, he still has optimism about the future of the Supreme Court. Hear his thoughts.
  • Dr. Mark Miravalle talks about St. Joseph the Worker and how we can work for unity even in the confusion we see in the Church. Dr. Mark addresses the frustration that many people have about Chelsea Clinton being allowed to speak at a conference at the Vatican; he reminds us that her beliefs are not held by the Church. We can disagree with this and still be in union with the Church; we must, however, work against any possible schism.