Religious freedom issues/GA election law

  • Hour 1 of 4-23-21
  • Ryan Bangert of ADF reports on College of the Ozarks which is suing the Biden administration for forcing them to violate their beliefs. They are being required to go against their values on gender and identity, so they are pushing back. Hear more about this case, and what is behind the lawsuit. Also, catch audio of what the president of the college had to say.
  • There have been countless attacks on the Georgia election law, and the left has influenced so many companies to boycott. There are many lies about this bill signed by Gov. Brian Kemp, and Jason Snead is in to set the record straight. It’s not true that water bottles are completely banned in voting lines, and they explain the real facts about what will be required for early voting. Jason agrees that we shouldn’t give into this propoganda, because these attacks on the GA legislation seem to be insinuating that minority communities can’t get an ID. That is an insulting accusation!
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