Supreme Court packing/Woke companies

  • Hour 3 of 4-14-21
  • Mark Chenowith provides analysis on whether or not the Supreme Court will be packed. President Biden has commissioned a study to review its options, but even he said back in the 1980s that Supreme Court packing was a bad idea. It’s clear that Democrats don’t want a conservative lean on the court and are trying to add their own, but will it happen? How important will the Supreme Court be in the future? We look at this and more.
  • So many companies like Coca Cola and Delta are getting involved in politics. They are boycotting Georgia for the state’s voter reform bill. While these woke companies claim that the state is being racist and preventing African Americans from voting, it seems perfectly reasonable to require a voter ID to vote. After all, you need an ID for practically everything else. So why don’t they see this obvious logic? Dr. Jay Richards believe this is all politically motivated, and he assesses what may be below the surface that they’re not telling you.