The Inner Life April 14th – Witnessing for Christ

Witnessing for Christ. How can we better witness to Christ when we’re in a circumstance that is not friendly or hostile to the faith? (Family, at work, friends, etc.) Are there different ways to witness in each circumstance? Father Jeremy Ploof joins the Inner Life to share how we can better witness to for Christ in our daily lives.

Caller Story – She is a server at IHOP and uses this as a way to share her story and pass out Divine Mercy Holy Cards.

Caller Story – She came back to the Church after 30 years,  is in AA, and shares the message of the Church as much as possible.

Caller Story – She was just confirmed at Easter. She recently returned to the faith after many years away. She witnesses to anyone who will listen.

Caller Story – Told a woman who left the faith due to abuse scandal. He says; “Don’t walk away from Jesus because one of his apostles betrayed him.”

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