U.S. Conflicts with Russia and China

  • Hour 3 of 4-7-21
  • International events are looked at with Dakota Wood this hour. Rumblings in China have some concerned that they could invade Taiwan, and it could be sooner than we think. Sen. Tom Cotton asked a military officer how soon it could happen, and they speculated it’s possible within years. So would there be a full blown war? Also, there’s a lot happening in Russia that you need to pay attention to. We’ll get you caught up.
  • Have you ever been convinced that your phone is spying on you? Have you been in a conversation with someone and you mention a type of food, and then you see an ad pop up on your phone about that food product? A little scary! So is your phone listening, and are social media platforms using this as data marketing opportunities? Dr. Eugene Gan explains this, and Drew takes your calls and stories.
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