Financial help for parents (encore)

  • Hour 3 of 5-24-21
  • Professor Lee Edwards gets into compensation which will be mailed out to parents, to help them financially and to get them on their feet. However, some say this could lead to a deep dependency on government if it lasts too long. Will it take away the incentive of work and earning a living? Some parents say they simply need the money right now, so not every person is trying to gain the system.
  • Speaker Pelosi, President Biden, and other politicians have been under fire for being Catholic and yet still promoting abortion. Now, bishops like Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone are taking a bold stand! Speaker Pelosi wants the Church to completely ignore her actions, but the shepherds are not allowing this negligence to continue. Pray for them, that they may continue to stand for truth in a confused culture. Hear from Archbishop Cordileone himself, as well as Fr. Robert Gahl.
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