Liberal Commencement Speakers at College/Kids Taught Trash at School

  • Hour 3 of 5-20-21
  • Why are there more liberal commencement speakers at graduations? You’ll be shocked to hear a stat that Drew throws out which shows how much the liberal speakers are favored over the conservative ones. Shouldn’t colleges be given the truth, and not this secular ideology? What Catholic truths should students be hearing instead? Dr. Bill Thierfelder from Belmont Abbey shares his perspective. Hear clips from different speeches around the country, including that of Bishop Robert Barron.
  • Students are being taught critical race theory, and that books like Huck Finn should be cancelled. But at the same time, books that have graphic messages are being read in class, taking sex education to an inappropriate extreme. Parents are starting to fight back, and you can too. Dr. Theresa Farnan is in to give her take.
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