Update on Israel/Catholic education shrinking

  • Hour 1 of 5-18-21
  • Get a news roundup on issues related to churches and cathedrals which have been vandalized around the country. We pray for those who have committed these terrible acts.
  • Also, get an update on the fight between Israel and Hamas. Although it has not yet become a war, it’s still a violent event which we need to pray about. We pray for the people of Israel in their hour of need, and ask the Lord to bring peace and comfort to all in this region. Hear more from Jeff Abood.
  • There are certainly issues with Catholic education right now. Many schools are closing with the pandemic and others are financially strapped. On top of that, some parents see these Catholic schools as no different from their public counterpart. What can be done to revitalize Catholic education? Msgr James Shea is in.
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