Ballot recount in Arizona

  • Hour 1 of 6-14-21
  • A news roundup on issues pertaining to an PM for Israel. PM Netanyahu was ousted and now Naftali Bennett will be in control. Find out how he differs from PM Netanyahu. Also, get the latest on the aftermath of the G7 summit and what has transpired from it. And what Sen. was suspended from YouTube? Get this and more.
  • More and more Americans are leaving blue states due to concerns about politics, crime, and other issues affecting their livelihood. They’re going to red states like TX and Idaho. Get insight and analysis on this trend from Dr. Michael Busler, Ph.D. What is the driving force and will this continue?
  • A hand recount has taken place in Arizona, and now the next phase of a fraud audit will take place. Some are mocking this, as the election is done and over.  However, Hans von Spakovsky explains why the recount has merit. He is asked whether it could change the outcome of the election.
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