Birth rates falling/Future of healthcare

  • Hour 1 of 6-21-21
  • A news roundup on COVID news. The latest variant from India is called the Delta variant, and the CDC is sounding the alarm. President Biden was asked if there would be another lockdown in the US because of it; find out his response. Also, learn whether this new strain of COVID could potentially bring on new or worse symptoms.
  • People expected a baby boom during the lockdown but the opposite happened. There was a decline in births and this trend is being considered nationally. Women under 30 are delaying marriage and motherhood, as they are often putting career first. Some of them are simply choosing not to have any kids! A look at the falling birth rates and what it all means with Rebecca Oas.
  • A look at the future of healthcare with Gary Alexander. As states like NV are considering having state-sponsored health care, this raises a lot of questions. If the government did play a larger role in healthcare, would this do more harm than good? Would it affect SS? What would be the other various implications? Get these answers and more.
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