Changing the flag/Critical race theory

  • Hour 3 of 6-21-21
  • A continued discussion with Bishop Paprocki on communion and abortion.
  • Macy Gray, a popular musical artist, wants the US flag to be changed. She claims that the US is too tainted and corrupt, and it’s time for a flag that represents diversity, she argues. But James Hirsen is in to counter this claim. He says that the US is not racist from its origins, and although this beautiful nation may be imperfect, the flag and country ought to be respected.
  • CRT, aka critical race theory, is being used by progressives to attack racism. However, CRT is in fact racist. It is taking away the individual and making it all about groups, such as oppressed and oppressors. Dr. Paul Kengor makes this point, and he explains how the BLM movement, CRT, and other woke forms of ideology are rooted in Marxism.
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