China and Nike/Critical Race Theory

  • Hour 1 of 6-29-21
  • A news roundup on issues pertaining to church vandalism. There was a monstrance stolen at a church in NY! Also, hear about the infrastructure plan that is struggling to get through. And a new survey was taken on Catholics’ view of Pope Francis.
  • The Nike CEO recently said that the company is a brand for China. This is yet another example of big business cowering to the left. They turn a blind eye to the genocide happening. And John Cena recently apologized in Mandarin for calling Taiwan a country. Ann Noonan gets into all of this.
  • If systemic racism does exist, it’s at the abortion clinic. Minority communities are targeted by these death mills! So how should we respond to allegations of systemic racism in our country? Is the race issue going too far? Critical race theory is pitting people against each other. Anti-racism is racism, and Ryan Bomberger explains how we need deeper healing.