Infrastructure/ProPublica leak

  • Hour 1 of 6-11-21
  • Remember when Sen. Gillebrand tried to make the case that infrastructure is also child care? Well she believes that child care helps parents get back to work, so that the roads and buildings can actually be constructed, so it’s all part of the same package. Whether or not you agree with this, it appears that a bipartisan deal has been reached for the infrastructure budget. Learn more about what this all entails with David Ditch.
  • ProPublica leaked rich people’s tax returns, and they are defending this unethical action. They claim that the rich are not doing their duty and paying their fair share. However, what they did was wrong and they need to own it. Ed Morrissey and Chris Edwards make this case. They agree that the “Jeff Bezos” of the world are making the economy better and creating more jobs through their own wealth; they should not be scrutinized this way.
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