Pot, Suicide, and Cutting

  • Hour 3 of 6-24-21
  • Hear about the correlation between marijuana and suicidal ideations with Luke Niforatos. Women who use pot are more likely than men to be at risk of suicide. Also, it should be noted that even people who haven’t already had suicidal thoughts begin to have them when they start smoking. It’s not a way to relax, explains Luke. He adds that marijuana increases mental health problems.
  • Dr. Greg Bottaro assesses the serious problem of cutting. Half of women in their early 20s have reported cutting; it’s an issue that is only getting worse. Why do young people self-harm, and what can be done about it? How can parents give help and hope to their kids who are addicted? Hear from a caller who had cut herself in the past, and how she has learned to cope without self-harm.
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