President Biden and the Eucharist

  • Hour 3 of 6-28-21
  • Former Cong. Dan Lipinski is in to lament the fact that people in both political parties have made politics their religion. The Democratic party leaders have made abortion their sacrament and refuse to see the dignity of human life in the womb. They spent millions of dollars to get Cong. Lipinski out of office due to his pro-life stance. So what will Cong. Lipinski do now? Will he run again? He talks to Drew about this and faithful Catholic voting.
  • The bishops have been meeting and plan to draft a document on how to handle pro-abortion politicians who claim to be Catholic. Politicians like President Biden and Speaker Pelosi pick and choose what they want to believe and are a public scandal when seen receiving Communion. It is wrong to receive Our Lord when in the state of mortal sin. For this reason, Bishop Andrew Cozzens of MN is behind a movement to launch a Eucharistic revival. He wants Catholics to understand the beauty and gift of the True Presence! Learn more about this and what he hopes it will accomplish.
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