The Inner Life June 10th – Understanding the Mass

Understanding the Mass – Father Dave Heney joins the Inner Life to discuss the importance of the Mass for Catholics and how we can better understand the true beauty of what the Mass really is.


Caller Story – I wanted to know more about the Eucharist, and in my pursuit of that, I learned about confession and  that led me to a greater understanding of the Eucharist.

Caller Story – People generally want to witness a miracle.  I think there’s a grand omission in this discussion.  There are at least two great miracles; the consecration of the bread and wine.

Caller Story – Every time we watch the Mass on TV, my baby brother drops everything and walks to the tv when the consecration takes place.

Caller Story – I am a revert. I asked a lady about how she worshipped at mass. She prays for her loved ones at the consecration.

Caller Story – It means so much to me to be able to listen to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Relevant Radio.