The Patrick Madrid Show: June 22, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Anonymous – California to Pay off all Past Due Rent Accrued During COVID, Giving Renters Clean Slate
  • Ramino – Some schools are all Latino; no one should be prideful.  Doesn’t agree with paying other people’s rent.
  • Ron – Its a political move to pay off landlords. Makes it unfair for those who worked hard to pay rent during pandemic
  • Linda – St Paul VI Cathedral in Rome – Question about design of the building
  • Morning People May Be at Lower Risk of Depression Than Night Owls
  • Mary – I am in a bible study, only catholic, and I want to undo the question of salvation they are putting forward.
  • Joe – Do you have to believe in Noah’s ark or other similar stories in the Bible?
  • Mary – Should I call my daughter who is transgender by the name she would like me to call her?
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