The Patrick Madrid Show: June 24, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Ann – After my reversion, how do I do something out of love for God rather than fear of hell?
  • Terry – Thinks Christianity is too tied to right wing politics. Doesn’t this drive people away from Christ?
  • 5 Ways The Media Is Trying To Mislead You On Critical Race Theory
  • IRS denies non-profit status to Christians Engaged because Christianity Is Republican
  • David – When God said to Adam and Eve ‘you will surely die’ did he mean body and soul? If souls are in heaven, why bring bodies back?
  • Suzie – My kids go to Catholic schools and she told us that our archdiocese will be introducing Critical Race Theory to the schools this coming year. What should I do?
  • Stop Critical Race Theory: Quisha King
  • Jacob – What are Patrick’s Jordan Peterson’s thoughts? Sounds like he’s in his 20s.
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