Chaplet/Texas Democrats Who Fled/Eucharistic Revival

  • Hour 2 of 7-22-21
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Sheila is joined by Tim von Dohlen, a great witness to life and faith! He talks about his experience in politics and public life, and how he has been an example of how not to abuse power, but rather to be a true servant of Christ. As Tim discusses, many are scared and he explains how he has learned to help people embrace peace, calm, and faith in Christ. Dohlen is concerned about the push for big government, pro-abortion politics, media bias, and a secular agenda driving politicians to do the wrong thing. Hear his analysis on how to be a shining light in the public square.
  • It’s a shame to see that when a survey was taken, 7 out of 10 Catholics said that they don’t believe in the True Presence. Politicians like President Biden and Speaker Pelosi pick and choose what they want to believe and are a public scandal when seen receiving Communion. It is wrong to receive Our Lord when in the state of mortal sin. For this reason, Bishop Andrew Cozzens of MN is behind a movement to launch a Eucharistic Revival. He wants Catholics to understand the beauty and gift of the True Presence! Learn more about this and what he hopes it will accomplish.
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