Chicago Public Schools Scarring Children/Hyde Amendment

  • Hour 3 of 7-19-21
  • Chicago Public Schools are convinced that 10 year olds need sexual protection. So they are providing condoms to these young students. Normally, all they need are pencils or notebooks, now this?? The secular left thinks that abstinence is completely out of the question! Some say that condoms are essential to limit abortion. But this is not the truth. Hear from Steve Karlen. Steve Karlan co-authored a book with Shawn Carney called “What to Say When.” It’s a book that’s helpful for pro-lifers to know what to say when confronted with pro-abortion talking points.
  • Are more and more people in favor of tax-funded abortion? No!! Yet many polls spin the truth and make it seem like many voters want this. The Guttmacher Institute, for instance, has a pro-abortion bias. Michael New keeps his eyes on these polls and is in to set the record straight. He advises you to watch these polls with caution. Hear more about the state of the Hyde Amendment. There is good pro-life news that he shares, especially on the state level!
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