Democrats and the Hyde Amendment

  • Hour 1 of 7-23-21
  • Hear a news roundup on issues dealing with President Biden, whether he will make it through his whole term, and the possible use of the 25th Amendment. Also, thieves and criminals are feeling emboldened; a couple of thieves just walked out of a TJ Maxx with stolen items, with no push back whatsoever! And how are race relations looking in this present day? Get all this and more.
  • Speaker Pelosi wants Hyde to be gutted, which would allow taxpayer funded abortion. And yet she claims to be a faithful Catholic!!! She is being a scandal to the faith, and we need to pray for his conversion. Hear from Michael New.
  • The Biden administration is waging war and cracking down on what they call “misinformation.” They want free speech to be taken away, and this is causing some to believe that communism and socialism is here, or at least much closer than it may seem. So what do they label as misinformation, and how would they monitor it? Hear from Jon Schweppe on why he is concerned.
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