Father Simon Says July 1st-Making Sacrifices

Bible: Sacrifice of Isaac

  • Why does God test us, Father asks?
  • Father thinks that the reading should be read in the light of the Hebrews
  • On one hand, it’s horrible–but Abraham was ready to offer his only son and believed that God would raise Isaac from the dead.
  • Abraham had a complete trust in God


  • Gives advice suggesting the listner to ask God what his will is
    • He references the Screwtape Letters–the Devil wants us to focus on what we don’t have
  • Letter thanking father who gave advice about dealing with priests who are moved around a lot–there is a lot of ecclesial and presbyteral instability
  • Letter about some strick KJV readings of the bible that says diving is bad


  • Did Isaac say anything?
  • Principles vs methods
  • Priest told me I wasn’t truly repentant when I went to confession
  • If I commit a sin like an impure thought–could I still go to confession?