IRS targets Christian Organization/Uyghurs Incarcerated in China

  • Hour 1 of 7-22-21
  • Our religious freedoms allow us to practice our faith freely. However, some in the secular left, government, and other organizations are trying to stifle that. The IRS is now trying to prevent one Christian organization from getting non-profit status. It’s called ‘Christians Engaged,” which follows Scripture for their mission. The IRS claims that Bible teachings lean Republican, so therefore, they should not get tax-exempt status. Mary FioRito discusses this. We now live in a society where beliefs about traditional marriage is considered bigoted. But we can’t give in! We must teach the truth about love and marriage.
  • The Olympics are starting soon, and next year they will be in Beijing. Many are crying out against the event, as China is behind a massive effort to incarcerate the Uyghurs. Serious genocide has been committed. Buzzfeed even said that up to 1 M Uyghurs could be prisoned! So should you boycott the Olympics? Prime Minister Salih Hudayar reports on the latest.
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