The Patrick Madrid Show: July 19, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Justice Thomas – “Show me in the Constitution where you get a right to separate citizens based on race.
  • Whistleblower exposes and decries ‘regressive’ influence of CRT at Hasbro.
  • ‘Asian Carp’ Renamed Amid Concerns Over Racism Zuckerberg faces antisemitism after photo of his dog wearing a yarmulke
  • Lisa – I agree with you regarding the extent of the silliness with invasive carp. But we need to lighten up and just laugh at the situation.
  • Peter – I was taught that you can’t judge a person outside the era they live in. Re: President Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Becky – I am confused about the language of the Motu Proprio. Is the Latin Mass banned at parochial parishes or are the Latin Masses offered at parochial parishes already sort of grandfathered in?
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