The Patrick Madrid Show: July 23, 2021 – Hour 3

  • 3 people in a Flight Simulator are Killed by Actual Plane Crash
  • CNN’s Dr. Wen: ‘Vaccine Mandates Are Something that Will Have to Come’
  • Tom – I usually agree with you but regarding Tony’s call, isn’t it said that all tyranny needs is for good men to do nothing?
  • Anna – I was in a similar situation to Tony. When we say less we are covering ourselves. I think God understands.
  • As Americans navigate conflicting COVID-19 mask advice, ‘everyone is confused’
  • Jerry – Comment on vaccine passport and immunity. Couldn’t people have a immunity test and not have to take the vaccine?
  • How worried should vaccinated people be about breakthrough infections?
  • Jeff – What’s happening in the EU? Is this leading to the anti-Christ?
  • 20% of Americans believe microchips are inside COVID-19 vaccines
  • Kristin – Why do some religions call God Jehovah. Do Catholics recognize this title for God?
  • John – Doing nothing?  What about the famous line from World War II…’they came for me and there was no one to stand up and help me.’
  • Richard – The media ignores the people with antibodies. Why is this?
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