Transgender Issues/UN Human Rights Council

  • Hour 3 of 7-21-21
  • A man is a man even if he doesn’t believe he is. A man is a man even if he wears a dress and even if he wants different pronouns. These are the points made by Walt Heyer, who experienced sex change regret. He discusses the latest news coming out of the transgender push right now. Walt makes the arguments that we can no longer go along with this movement and we must stand for truth. Sex, as he explains, is decided at conception, and there is no middle ground as society claims.
  • A look at abortion activism at the United Nations. Stefano Gennarini reports on the progressive agenda that has been pushed out of the UN. He explains that they have not had as much success getting through everything they want, so that is the good news. Sheila asks Stefano the role the US has played in influencing the UN. The Trump administration is credited for the work they did for the pro-life movement.
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