What Could Have Been: A father’s story about his daughter’s abortion appointment

When Bob’s daughter was raped at the age of fourteen, she told her parents that she didn’t want to keep the baby. So Bob and his wife made an appointment at an abortion clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was emotional as he told the story to Patrick Madrid.

“It was a shock to walk in because the minute you walk in, the spirit of death just permeated the place,” Bob recalled. He said they paid for the appointment and then asked for the counseling that they’d been told was available.

A woman took them to a broom closet and assured the three of them that there were no emotional effects after an abortion. “We’ll just get rid of this thing and she can be on with her life,” they were told.

Bob’s daughter went back to the room to begin the abortion procedure, but returned a few minutes later saying, “Daddy, I can’t do this.”

He cried as he recounted the painful memories of that day, but thanks be to God, this story has a happy ending!

“It was tough, believe me. But we have a thirty-year-old grandson, married, and has given us two beautiful great-grandkids. But I choke up thinking he could have ended up in the trash,” said Bob.

Bob’s daughter and her son have a beautiful relationship today. It’s hard for them all to imagine what could have been if the abortion had happened and that beautiful life had been ended before birth. “Just the thought of him not being there now… and we came that close, we came that close.”

Listen to the full story in Bob’s words:

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