Changing the World through the Family

If you take a brief look at modern Hollywood or pop culture, it’s easy to find entertainment that conveys a message that to impact others, we need to turn to grand gestures, life-altering projects, and world-changing visions. Every other movie revolves around a catastrophe of nuclear proportions and protagonists who must perform impossible feats of courage and athleticism to defeat the impossibly brilliant villain. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with these types of stories, the point is that sometimes it’s difficult to genuinely speak to an audience without some sense of realism. We don’t need to imitate these stories in order to change the world.

Recently on Trending with Timmerie, Timmerie discussed the current mentality affecting this generation of young people and their views on family and life. Specifically, she talked about the reasons people aren’t getting married or having children and the ways we can counteract this mentality by changing the world through little, realistic ways.

At the most recent Intercollegiate Studies Institute Conference, young, emerging leaders in attendance were encouraged that to change the world and to affect political change they should do two things: get married and start a family.

Without sugarcoating it, one of the speakers announced a sobering fact: People just aren’t getting married or having kids anymore and there are two big reasons for this. Firstly, people are looking at life and unfortunately determining that it’s not something worth passing on to their children. They have a negative outlook on what they’ve experienced and instead of seeking to change perceptions, change those around them, and improve life, they decide to not have kids.

The other reason people don’t have kids is that they don’t want to disturb the level of contentedness that they have cultivated for themselves and their significant other. A child would mean pregnancy, labor pain and childbirth, a financial burden, sacrificing time and effort, and taking care of someone who cannot care for themselves. They don’t even think about the joy that that child will bring to them, everyone they will affect, the friends and family they will touch, the innovation and brilliance they could possess, or the world-changing love that they will express.

“St. Mother Teresa, when she commented actually, during her Nobel Peace Prize speech, she commented telling people to go home and love their families,” said Timmerie. Mother Teresa went on to explain that nobody changes the world overnight. We should start changing the world on a micro-level in our homes by loving one another. You don’t need to travel to another country or to an impoverished area to find people in need of love and kindness. Of course, tending to the needy is a very good thing, but there are those in need of love in your own home!

That is the beauty of getting married and having children. It provides constant opportunities to grow closer to Christ every day by giving of ourselves to our families. Often these opportunities present themselves in the form of somebody’s needs or wants waiting to be met. And sometimes we need to go hunting for them.

“Do you want to change the Pro-Life movement? Do you want to change this trend towards gender ideology? Do you want to see new faith alive in the people today, but even more so tomorrow? Start a family. Change the course of history by embarking on a journey with someone else to cooperate with God in creating new life,” encouraged Timmerie.

There is no alternative or roundabout to escape the reality that the fate of the world relies on the structure of the family. Do you want to change the world? Do you truly want to save it? The answer lies in the proliferation and strengthening of the family. It lies in the sacrifices we make to make others happy. And it lies in the love that we are so capable of giving to one another.

Queen of Families, pray for us!

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