The Patrick Madrid Show: August 10, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Dawn – A documentary years ago on viruses and how they progress. Is the vaccine interfering with how viruses progress and die out?
  • Nicole – Comment on the vaccine and a news conference with a panel of doctors concerned about the effects and some were seeking to stop the vaccine
  • Carol – Everyone is forgetting about the 600,0000 people in the USA who have died from COVID.
  • Paul – I don’t know one person who died of COVID. What about those who died of the flu?
  • Oregon Suspends High School Graduation Standards to Make ‘Equitable’ Rules for ‘Students of Color’
  • Alexis – Does God create all the angels in the beginning or does he still create them?
  • Kay – I am looking for another job because I refuse to be forced to take the vaccine
  • Christine – Where can I find a good resource to prove that exhibitionism is wrong? I’m not seeing anything in the bible or the catechism.
  • Joseph – Passage from St. Paul to ‘praise God in all circumstances.’ What does he mean by that? Should I praise God even in the case of natural disasters?
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