The Patrick Madrid Show: August 12, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Billy Graham talking about racism 50 years ago. It’s worth listening to today. – “It’s not a white religion or a black religion. It’s a WORLD religion”
  • Daniel – Is it ok to miss Mass because of certain jobs?
  • Dennis – I was at a Mass and at the consecration, the priest just used bread and water but no wine. What do you think about this?
  • Susan – What does the bible say about a child conceived out of wedlock. Isn’t the child illegitimate even if the couple end up getting married?
  • Nelly – Was Jesus with St. Joseph when he died?
  • Italians mad at Cuomo for dismissing creepy behavior
  • Domonique – I work at a Catholic School and they banned communion on the tongue. I don’t feel comfortable receiving communion in the hand. What do you Recommend?
  • Jim – Has Catholicism failed the Mexican population?
  • Vincent – At the beginning of the pandemic a priest promoted consecration to the Sacred Heart and I firmly believe that this kept the virus out of our house.
  • L.A. Moves closer to requiring proof of vaccine at restaurants, bars, gyms and stores
  • People Obtain Fake Vaccination Cards to Defy Mandates – – some people who won’t get vaccinated are obtaining fake vaccination cards to skirt the new rules
  • California Officials, FBI Warn About Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Cards Being Bought Online
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