The Patrick Madrid Show: September 07, 2021 – Hour 1

  • A Florida man who flew a banner reading “Jew, I have a question” sparked accusations of antisemitism. But it turns out this was simply a marriage proposal to a woman nicknamed Jew.
  • Democrats Tuck Female Draft Into Defense Bill
  • Trish – Daughter wen to Puerto Rico and joined a cult, tried to leave, finally got out but her mind is still indoctrination. Do you know of someone who can help?
  • George – I have 4 daughters and I want to talk about the possibility of them being drafted. I am horrified.
  • Tom – I was in the Marines. Only a small part of the military is actively fighting. Most jobs are support.
  • Dave – In the Vietnam period there was a conscientious objector status. What about this for women if they are drafted
  • Kip – I am having an online conversation with a Christian minister who is trying to justify abortion based on a specific bible verse.
  • Bruce – In the last election, why was it that so many Catholics voted for a party that was against their beliefs?
  • Shawn – I dispute what Tom said. the Marine core today is very different from in the 1990s.