Father Simon Says – October 12, 20221 – Health Kicks

Rom 1:16-25

  • What’s so wrong with health kicks?

Lk 11:37-41

  • Jesus reclined at table–what did that mean?
  • Father talks about putting a hedge around the law; what’s a hedge?

Mass Hysteria: Father reads a couple of letters regarding bad church music


  • Father talks about deliverance
  • Why is the real presence of Jesus not part of the Creed
  • The listen’s parish changed the word Wife to Spouse in Psalm 128

Word of the day: Faith and righteousness


  • Are venial sins forgiven in the penitential rite of the mass? Do you still need to confess these venial sins at your next confession?
  • Why is the song “City of God” heretical?
  • I just saw a bumper sticker that says ‘I love Jesus because I am Muslim.’  What does this mean?
  • What happens to our guardian angel when we die?