How Culpable Am I?

Just how culpable are we for the wrongdoings of others? Are we responsible if we witness it without intervening? Are we responsible if we contribute to the promotion of sin? Does our level of ignorance of knowledge matter?

Recently on The Patrick Madrid Show, Steven called in to ask Patrick a similar question. “Hollywood’s on strike. Who cares? I worked with a girl…I did a show called Charmed…All the stuff I did on that show – I listened to one of your shows – am I going to go to hell?” Patrick asked him, “What did you do?”

“Well, I did all the magical craziness that made that show go, the mechanical effects, even though I didn’t know it.” Patrick put it this way. He said that if Steven did something that he knew was wrong and he doesn’t repent of it before he dies, yes, he will go to hell.

“If you want to know how to go to hell in one easy step, it’s not be repentant of your sins and to die in that state. If you do that one thing, yes, you’ll go to hell.” On the other hand, if one repents for all of one’s sins, then the slate is wiped clean and there’s nothing to worry about. Patrick said that he’s never seen the show, but if it is all that and more regarding its promotion of witchcraft and satanic practice, then it makes sense if one involved might feel guilty about it’d production.

Even if it’s nothing, but one is worried about their involvement, it never hurts to pay the confessional a visit to talk through concerns. “And if you didn’t know it was bad when it was going on, then mention that, too. But the fact that it’s bothering you now I think is a good sign that your conscience knows that something was wrong with all that.” Steven said that he knew personally it was wrong, but he contributed to its productions as a means of making money and staying alive in Hollywood.

Patrick said that Steven’s best course of action would be to go to confession and tell the priest the way he was feeling about his participation in the glorification of witchcraft and that he wasn’t considering the religious implications during his job.

Steven asked another question regarding a movie he did in Hong Kong called Knock Off. As he was being driven around the city to do his job, the team stopped at a Buddhist temple to participate in a ritual of some kind. Steven said that he waited in the pickup truck and did not participate. Patrick said there was nothing wrong with what he did and that he himself has observed the ceremonies of other religions. There is nothing wrong with observation that doesn’t include active participation.

Listen to the full question and answer below:

Was I wrong to work on a show that promoted witchcraft?

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