Pablo Kay, Latest News from a Catholic Perspective; Omar Aguilar, Roots of Halloween

  • Pablo remarks on the US Bishops reactions to the extreme abortions measures being presented by the government and how the pro-life movement should start preparing for the repeal of Roe vs Wade so they are ready to continue to change hearts and minds towards life.
  • Pablo explains what the Red Mass in California was all about and briefly touches on Canadian diocese that required vaccine passport to enter mass and the backlash they received.
  • Omar explains the roots of All Hallows Eve and how throughout history, Catholics, in an effort to catechize, have taken pagan or cultural traditions and transformed them to the truth and beauty of Catholicism to help people understand God better.
  • Omar questions who we emulate on Halloween and the mindset we should have when picking out a costume for our kids so we remember what we are celebrating and our final goal in this life.
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