The Patrick Madrid Show: October 05, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Malcolm – If God the Father sent Jesus to die for our sins, how can it be that Herod and Judas did not carry out the will of God?
  • Mary – I was also in an abusive marriage where my ex-husband kept me away from the Church. The sacraments have been a huge aid for me. Verbal abuse is equivalent to physical abuse.
  • Catherine – Follow-up question about being buried. Is it ok to be buried in a cemetery for veterans?
  • Rocio – I went through a similar experience as Katie. Before I experienced a separation, I prayed to find a good priest to talk to.
  • Russia Develops Tech for Monitoring ‘Deviant’ Behavior
  • California Parents Sue To End ‘Unconstitutional’ Chant To Aztec Gods In ‘Ethnic Studies’ Curriculum
  • Sarah – I am a healthcare worker at a hospital and come across many people who are dying. I don’t know if they are Catholic. What can I do to help them?
  • Maria – Regarding your talk about the demonic…we are trying to fight a demonic radio station at Seton Hall. The lyrics are extremely dark violence towards women and Christians.