The Patrick Madrid Show: October 22, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Alec Baldwin shoots two people, one fatally, during prop gun mishap on set of film ‘Rust,’ cops say.
  • US Orthodox rabbis accused of secretly being Evangelical Christians – The Jerusalem Post.
  • Marvin – My father-in-law is 86 and has dementia (not severe). He’s never been baptized. He was alienated from religion as a young person. What’s the teaching about baptizing him? His wife is worried about him dying and not going to heaven.
  • Ohio’s new license plate: Wright Flyer facing wrong way | NBC4 WCMH-TV
  • Laura – Throughout the Gospel, Jesus preaches in both synagogues and the temple. What are the differences of those places during that time? Can you recommend a good resource on the life of Jesus besides Scripture?
  • Adrian – On a television show, a woman’s husband (he was a Vietnam veteran) was presumed dead, and she remarried. But, the man turned up alive. How should we think about this situation?
  • Lilia – She teaches RCIA and one of the students asked her about the 29 lost books of the bible. What are those books?
  • Tuskless elephants escape poachers but may evolve new problems – The New York Times.
  • He has evangelical friends with second marriages. He’s not convinced they could get their marriages annulled. Should he even bother sharing the Catholic faith with them?
  • Joe – If he says a prayer for a group of people, how are the graces distributed? He grew up thinking a Hail Mary got you so many days off of purgatory.
  • Matthew – Where does the Pentagram symbol come from, and why is it bad?
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