The Patrick Madrid Show: October 28, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Rutgers professor: “White people are committed to being villains.” This professor spews hatred on a YouTube video
  • Tom – A lot of people think racism is only an American thing but it is everywhere.
  • Maddie – Is it ok to randomly give anointing of the sick to parishioners after Mass?
  • Diane – A priest who spoke directly to his congregation about the evils of abortion. You played this a while back. Who was that priest? The answer is Fr. John Lankeit.
  • Steve – A great project opposite of the 1619 project is called the 1776 project.
  • Deacon Martin – African slave trade actually began hundreds of years before they were brought to America. The slave trade actually went East before it went West.
  • Joseph – Will Jesus eventually come back to earth?
  • Mark – Question about the nature of angels and why the devil cannot repent?
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