Father Simon Says – November 4, 2021 – Shepherds Kept Their Watch

Rom 14:7-12

  • Father says we’re members of a universal Church; what does that mean?

Lk 15:1-10

  • Father talks about meeting a shepherd turned seminarian who gives insight about going to find lost sheep

Mass Hysteria: Father talks a bit more about funerals & a caller


  • Letter regarding the contradiction between faith and works
  • Listener can’t find a book of the bible in her mother’s high school Bible
  • Bridget says she likes Mass Hysteria and says listening Gregorian Chant is good for her!

Word of the Day: Let this cup Pass!


  • The name Jesus is a contraction of two Aramaic words, ‘God Saves’  Could you clarify?
  • I’ve started doing the Holy Souls Novena.  I’ve done cemetery, rosary.  However what mysteries should I be doing?
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