Martha Fernandez-Sardina, You Are Loved: Thanksgiving Edition; Fr. James Kubicki, Fostering Gratitude

  • John and Glen discuss and offer prayers for those who lost their lives or were injured in the Waukesha Holiday Parade accident, especially sending prayer to regular contributor Dave Durand whose wife lost her life in the tragedy.
  • Martha asks listeners to remember in a special way those in our lives who have passed and search for the moments with them we are most grateful for. She reminds us to be open to the opportunities God gives us every day to be grateful and give to others who are in need all around us.
  • Fr. Kubicki reminds us to be grateful of the little things like warm water for a shower that we take for granted everyday and gives suggestions on how we can start the day with a healthy habit of gratitude.
  • Callers give suggestions on what they do at Thanksgiving like reading the Psalms and offering a mass in Thanksgiving for their blessings.
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