Monsignor James Shea & Kathryn Jean Lopez, University of Mary’s 44th Annual Prayer Day; Steve Weidenkopf, Truth Behind the Crusades

  • Monsignor explains the history of this Annual Prayer Day at the University of Mary and the joy of having guest speakers like Kathryn Jean Lopez at this event.
  • Kathryn reveals her main talking points on prayer and says we need to be guarded that we are not waiting to prayer until we accomplish something but rather go to God now giving Him our success and misses so we can ask for guidance and support along the way. She mentions St. Gertrude and her prayer example.
  • Steve breaks down the history of the Crusades and the many misconceptions that surround it. He notes that this was a response from Pope Urban from the Christians of the Holy Land who were being persecuted by an invading Muslim army. The Crusades were not perfect and there were people who acted in ways less than ideal but it was a defensive attack not offensive.
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