Father Simon Says – January 5, 2021 – With the Spirit of the Lord

1 Jn 4:11-18

  • What does it mean to have God’s spirit? Father tells a story about serving the poor as a pastor.

Mk 6:45-52

  • Jesus ‘passing by’ is actually a manifestation of his divinity


  • Father consoles a listener who is the only one in her family that practices the faith
  • My wife and I want to give a book to parents of a girl that will marry their son. They are looking for a book on the importance of going to mass

Word of the Day: Amen


  • In Genesis 2:17 and 3:3 and is there another interpretation of the word ‘die’ in these two verses.
  • How can I keep up my faith while my husband wants a divorce?
  • Who’s Epiphany was it, was it the Wise Men or was it Jesus?
  • If someone has grounds for an annulment, but chooses not to person the annulment process, is their marriage valid
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