March for Life 2022 Special Edition – Dr. Pat Castle, Remembering Life in the Womb; Shawn Carney, Living the Culture of Life; Matt Beardsley, LIVE from the March

  • Matt Beardsley reports LIVE with testimonies of people at the March for Life 2022
  • Kristan Hawkins comments on the historic nature of March, this could be the last protest March.
  • Dr. Castle pumps up listeners by describing the scene and relays the excitement and feel of the crowds.
  • Shawn speaks about the challenges Pro-lifers overcame at this year’s March and notes how defeating Roe during the most Pro-choice administration is only the first step in the process if making choosing abortion unthinkable for America and the rest of the world.
  • Matt Beardsley comments on why people are marching and caught up with Bishop Joe Coffey.
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