Father Simon Says – February 25, 2022 – Do You Want My Opinion?

Jas 5:9-12

  • Father talks about the difficulty of division

Mk 10:1-12

  • Did God change his mind about morality?


  • In the St. Michael Prayer, who is, O Prince of the Heavenly Host?
  • Which wisdom did God give to King Solomon?

Word of the Day: Hope


  • Fr. Simon talks about ‘Pentecostal’ on the show, but could he clarify what that means?
  • If Genesis used the word ‘We’ from God, why in baptism does it have to be ‘I’; referring to priest who used wrong word. I’m Non-Catholic
  • What does ‘hosts’ mean in the St. Michael prayer?
  • Catholic Church’s position on baptisms and weddings during Lent? Okay during Lent?
  • God draws straight w/cooked lines and narrow gates, is there hope for us?
  • I heard Patrick Madrid say, ‘Christ did not come to create Christianity, but Catholicism’. Could Fr. Simon clarify?
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