The Patrick Madrid Show: February 16, 2022 – Hour 2

  • NPR Finds Racism In The Beatles
  • TikTok woman wants to identify as “IT”. This is what your kids are watching on their phones.
  • Sam – What would the lady say about the Beatles when they let Billy Preston play with them?
  • Megan – Sounds like the woman who wants to be identified by ‘it’ used to be referred to as having gender dysphoria. I used to practice medicine and treated people like this and now you can’t do this. People are leaving the field over this.
  • Grace – How to reach people who want to be identified by ‘it.’ Many of these people have suffered from abuse.
  • Maryanne – Why shouldn’t we name our guardian angel?
  • Efrank – What are the origins of Lent?
  • Brandon – If we are to respect the dead, why does the catholic church have relics?
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