The Patrick Madrid Show: February 25, 2022 – Hour 3

  • Tom – What can we expect at the Second Judgement when you either end up with the goats or the sheep.
  • Mary – Comment on Animal right related to animals in labs.
  • Sam – I am very disappointed to see how ruthless Vladimir Putin is, especially when he claims to be Christian.
  • Nita – Today is George Harrison’s birthday. Did he convert back to Catholicism or did he remain a pagan?
  • Rhonda – If the Jewish people are the chosen people, can a Jewish person who doesn’t believe Jesus as savior be saved?
  • Conan – Have you heard of the apparition of the judgement where you are asked 3 times to accept Christ?
  • Audio of a ‘man’ speaking on gender identity and how he identifies on a daily basis.
  • Pat – I would like to hear about apparitions of Our Lady in the Ukraine that may not be approved apparitions.
  • John Paul – The Illumination of Conscience talks about final judgement.
  • Tom – St. Faustina’s diary has a reference to Jesus asking to accept him.
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