The Patrick Madrid Show: March 03, 2022 – Hour 3

  • Bella – Thank you for your wonderful explanation on life. What about these exceptions the caller was talking about?
  • Eric – You proved through Vickie’s call what Lincoln said that “if slavery isn’t wrong, then nothing’s wrong.”
  • Mary – Why not emphasize the fact that there is more help available for women in troubled pregnancies?
  • Collette – Brought my daughter to have an abortion. She started to cry and we left she is now a wonderful mother of five children.
  • Conan – I was given a statue of Buddha and a masonic sword. What should I do with them?
  • Jackie – America should be supplying our own oil. We are funding both sides of the war by how we purchase oil.
  • Richard – Coming from the male perspective. I used to be more indifferent. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and have been struggling with infertility and it’s heartbreaking to see that so many people have such disdain for life.
  • John – My sister just told me that her husband filed for divorce. I need advice. Can you help?
  • Patrick – I received an email about a local university who is hosting a day of discernment for women called to the diaconate. What can you tell me about what the Church teaches about ordained women?
  • Joe – I work for an IT company that supports Planned Parenthood. Is that ok?
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