The Patrick Madrid Show: March 08, 2022 – Hour 3

  • New Jersey baby caught after tossed from window of flaming apartment
  • Thank you letter to Women from Saint John Paul II
  • Mary Lynn – Putin made a speech on the woke culture. How do we reconcile Putin being ‘the bad guy’ when we have some values that overlap?
  • Bella 13-years-old – My friend is pro-choice and she says a baby is not really alive until it’s born. How can I convince her?
  • Audio: The Magical Birth Canal (or When a Baby Becomes a Baby)
  • Head Of Top Russian State-Run News Organization Quits, Issues Dire Warning About What’s Happening
  • Sara – If I commit a mortal sin, and the intention is to go to confession but don’t make it, is my intention enough to save me?
  • Dad Facing Jail Time For Going Maskless To Son’s Game Wins In Court, Has Further Plans For District
  • Diane – Looking for resources for a 13-year-old girl who is identifying with pronouns. Patrick recommends “When Harry Became Sally” and “Irreversible Damage”
  • Candice – Because of Patrick’s advice, I went back to confession and got married in church!
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