The Patrick Madrid Show: March 15, 2022 – Hour 3

  • Victoria – Why do Catholics call priests ‘father’? Jesus never did.
  • Jesse – If a couple got a divorce and no annulment, can they still receive communion?
  • Patrick recommends the Retrouvaille Marriage Help Program For Struggling Couples. Find out more here: and the book, “Primal Law”
  • ‘Flabbergasted And Angry’ D.C. Council Member Introduces Bill To Reinstate Vaccine Mandate
  • Joshua – Fasting on Sundays during Lent, I don’t think Jesus ever fasted on the Sabbath so we shouldn’t either. Patrick corrects him, and reminds him that he did fast for 40 days, including the Sabbath.
  • Joe – if one spouse commits adultery, are both spouses guilty of mortal sin? Or is the spouse and the ‘other’ both guilty or mortal sin?
  • Teresa – When we die, can we do anything to make reparation?
  • Veronica – Asks for a good conversion book for my friend who is in rehab and had past demonic activity. He wants to find faith. Patrick recommends Peter Kreeft’s book, “Making Sense Out of Suffering”
  • Alien Drone Swarm Freaks Out Austin with Giant Hovering QR Code
  • JP – I wonder if people who object to calling a priest ‘father’ have some father wounds from their upbringing?
  • Joanna – I’m divorced and have eight children who have chosen to live with their father. Should I take a job for less money to be able to see them more?
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