The Patrick Madrid Show: March 22, 2022 – Hour 2

  • Alexis – Since in the Christian belief that sundown is a new day, would it be okay to eat meat at sundown on Friday during lent?
  • Linda – What can I do with my organs after I die according to the Catholic Church?
  • Irina – All the states should give money to all the people!
  • Bradley – Catholics were just as discriminated against as other groups like Native Americans and African Americans
  • Patrick clarifies exactly what the Catechism says about donating your body to science after you die
  • Grace – I was not born here and came here with nothing. People should pick themselves up and make the most of their lives. Also, does holy water expire?
  • Wayne – I am blind and the civil rights bill pass in 1963 was good, but the civil rights bill for handicapped didn’t come along till later. Why were the disabled people not included?
  • Kathy – Do we need to fast on Friday the Solemnity of the Annunciation?
Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. He hosts The Patrick Madrid Show daily on Relevant Radio.